Dealer Or Local Garage For Your Car Service?

Ever wondered what it would be like to have your car serviced somewhere else for a change? Trying to choose between going to the dealership or a local garage? Then here are a few things to consider before making the change. Visit us, we would like to earn your business.

You’ve Got A Tight Schedule To Keep

Depending on how much time you have on your hands, it’s important to note that dealerships are usually a lot bigger than your average local garage shops. Bigger and more expensive translating to lesser demand, hence dealerships are able to service your car a lot faster than your local garage. Also worth noting that some big brand dealerships will even offer you a loaner vehicle whilst you have your car in for service, which is very useful should you not have places to be at and not have another car to use. These are a few things that you are going to miss out on when sending your car to a local garage so keep that in mind.

Is Pricing A Big Deal To You

Dealerships are notorious for being expensive with ridiculous labor prices. Let’s keep the quality of parts as a constant and assume that both the dealership and local garage use the same genuine part, you will immediately realize that there is a huge difference in pricing of labor for the same kind of work done. This is where local garages have the advantage at, as they are usually smaller and hire fewer people, they are able to keep their prices of labor low and keep the quality of service high. For many people price is the most important factor, so keep this in mind before deciding on where to go.

Do Personal Relationships Matter?

For a lot of people, it is pivotal to get the know the person who is working on your car. This is only possible when you decide to send your car in for service at a local garage. Smaller facilities allow for more direct communication with the mechanic. At a dealership, you are no more than a piece of paper printout with numbers on it, and the person working on your car almost never has the opportunity to interact with the owner of the car. So if there is something that you don’t particularly understand and would like clarification then the local garage is more likely to address the problem and take time to explain things to you in a more personal way.

All in all, it certainly does seem that taking your car to the local garage is a better option altogether. It’s cheaper and adds for a more personal touch when working on your car.