How does Car Repair Shops Help You Extend Your Car’s Lifespan?

Preventative maintenance is key when it comes to lengthening your car’s lifespan. Cars that go over 200,000 miles and last for decades all have on thing in common, frequent visits to the repair shops and consistent preventative maintenance schedules. Contact us to find out the suggested maintenance schedule for your vehicle.

Frequent Oil Changes

As part of preventative maintenance, frequent oil changes are arguably the most type of service that needs to be done. Take some time to talk to your auto repair mechanic and ask them about when would be an optimal time to change oil, what kind of oil should you use and why oil changes are so important. After hearing from your respective driving habits, car repair shops are then able to assign you a specific timeframe of when to change your oil and the kind of oil needed for your respective car. Depending on how you drive, the mechanic may instruct you to come in a little earlier for your oil change. Being stuck in heavy traffic every day happens to be more tasking on the engine than being on the freeway. So talk to the repair shop experts and let them know that car longevity is important to you and they will suggest the best possible oil change routines for your car.

Keep Up With Other Service Recommendations

Besides oil changes which are the most important part, you should always listen to other recommendations made by your respective repair shop. Other key components like tires, brakes, and batteries need to be regularly maintained to ensure the optimal performance of your car. Repair shops with their diagnostic tools are always quick to pinpoint parts that are in need of change. With years of experience working on multiple makes and models, it is extremely unlikely for the repair shops to not be able to spot what’s wrong with a car and perform the needed repairs.

So consult your respective repair shop on best practices when it comes to extending the lifespan of your car. Keep to the recommended fluid change regime and your car should last for a very long time.