How to Prevent Being Scammed for Car Repairs

Those with little to no automotive knowledge are most often the ones who would get scammed when it comes to repairs. Regardless of whether it is unfair pricing, shady repair practices or even false diagnoses, you should never have to leave feeling scammed. Here are some tips from that will help you better prepare yourself should you be scouting for a place to repair your car.

Get Quotes In Writing

Trusted auto repair shops will always have a price for you in writing for you to have a look at even before repairs get on the way. Also should there be any additional hidden costs, the auto repair shop should always get your consent before proceeding with car part changes. With written quotes, you won’t have to worry about huge unexpected car repair bills. A written quote also gives you the power to dispute the final cost should it be difference in final pricing when it’s time to make payment.

Don’t Be Afraid To Speak Up

As a paying customer, you have all the right to speak out should you feel hard done by. Don’t be so quick to swipe that credit card, instead ask about all the repair that has been done to your car. If you are unhappy with the quality of work done, remember that you can always report such instances to the relevant authorities like the Federal Trade Commission. Most often than not, unfairly treated customers are able to recover some of their money.

Research Beforehand

One cannot stress enough the importance of conducting adequate research beforehand. Spend some time researching your car’s symptoms to try to narrow down a cause. Would this require immediate attention? Is this a serious problem? How much does this particular repair usually cost? Hence, when you understand the cause of the problem and know exactly what you need, mechanics are less likely to scam you into getting things that you don’t actually need.