Key Phrases To Know Before Visiting A Mechanic

If you need to Visit Us or take your car to a mechanic there may be some words and phrases that you should know about before you visit your car mechanic,

If you are a car person or not, here are some phrases to know when talking to your mechanic.


This is the antilock braking system and it stops the wheels from locking up when braking. Dirt or rust can cause some problems with the abs.


This another word for shock absorbers and they can wear out and could then be highly dangerous.

Tire tread

Your Tires will need to have at least a minimum of 1.6mm and they should be replaced at 3mm. This is by the law and should not be violated, make sure to check this up and ask your mechanic about it.


This means engine management light. If this indicator is on it means that there is a problem with the engine, this should be taken very seriously.

Timing belt

This is the timing belt or cambelt and these need to be replaced once in a while, if now it could be dangerous.

Blown head gasket

This is a very common problem where the water mix with the oil inside of the engine and can cause more damage if it is not repaired.


The battery is most often located under the trunk of the car and if there is a problem with your car not starting, it may be caused by the battery being worn out and old, this is a simple thing to repair. You should ask your mechanic what type of battery you should buy.

These are some commonly used car phrases when visiting a mechanic, you should always ask your mechanic whenever you want to know about something.