Preparing Your Car For A Long Holiday Journey

A car trip with proper preparation can be a trip to remember. Every possible occurrence should be considered when preparing your car for long holiday journeys. This includes everything from bad weather to traffic backups. Mapping out the route of travel is wise, and so is getting an estimate on travel time. It is smart to check the weather in your region before leaving, so you can be as prepared as possible for delays.

For more in-depth checks, have a Certified Auto Repair Shop mechanic check for engine lag, add de-icer to the fuel system, and keep the tank filled with gas. This prevents moisture from getting into your tank and causing problems on the road. Check your headlights and clean them if needed, sometimes they can get foggy. Check your brakes, and repair any exhaust leaks. A two-hour stint in blocked traffic while operating a heater can place car passengers in a bad spot.

Have tires checked and make sure they have the correct air pressure for the regions you plan to travel to. In winter, the weather fluctuates, and snow is possible in many regions, therefore carrying a pair of snow chains is a good idea. Allow your mechanic to place your car on a diagnostic so any unforeseen problems might be found. A stretch of unfamiliar highway is a bad place to be sitting on the side of the road, even if you have roadside service.

It is normal to check oil, gas, and other car fluid levels. If the car uses spark plugs, you want to make sure your starting system is in good condition. Place clean filters in necessary places, and check and carry spare fuses. It is also a good idea to carry spare hoses. Make sure the spare tire is properly inflated, also, make sure you have your mechanic check your belts, and the condition of your heating, defrost, and air conditioning systems. Flushing the system is a good idea.

Carry emergency triangles when preparing your car for long holiday journeys and make sure your car has a flashlight, water, and a blanket. Oh yes, include a few snacks. It is easy to get caught in bad weather and find yourself sitting for a very long time in traffic. These items are not especially important to the operation of the vehicle. However, they will be comforting, especially if you travel with small children.