What Happens If You Don’t Get Your Car Serviced?

For many, a car is a major purchase. It can serve you well provided you service your vehicle according to the maintenance schedule outlined in your owner’s manual. Contact us to find our what the scheduled maintenance is for your car. So, what happens if you don’t service it regularly? Chances are it could leave you on the side of the road; and, you could be saddled with a high repair bill or a car headed for the scrap yard. Since you don’t want this to happen, you need to service your car and know the warning signs your car gives you when something is wrong.

If your engine is running hot, you probably need maintenance on you engine oil and filter. Oil lubricates the engine’s moving parts; and, if it’s dirty or low, there’s more friction. Engines can overheat and parts can warp.

So, check the oil and add or change accordingly. If your ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid) is low, you may feel slow gear changes or hear strange noises. This probably means you have a leak, and this needs immediate attention. Do you have difficulty steering? Check your power steering fluid?

Belts and hoses that are cracked or worn need your attention. A damaged timing belt, for example, is prone to breakage, and that means you will be coming to a stop.

If your brakes are squeaky when you try to stop, it probably means they’re worn. Fix this ASAP. Difficulty stopping could also mean your tires are bald. Slick tires may cause skidding on wet roads. It’s too dangerous to ride on tires with little or no tread.

Are your headlights, brake lights, and tail lights working properly? If they don’t come on, this is a safety issue. The indicator lights on your dash need to be operational as well. If your check engine light is on, it could be a minor issue or something far more serious. In any case, give this attention as soon as you can.

If you service your car regularly and pay attention to your car’s warning signs, you can expect long life from your vehicle. Many well serviced cars get upwards of 200,000 miles. Servicing is cheap insurance, and it certainly beats the consequences. And, when you think about it, it doesn’t take much time. Some mechanics will come to you, get your car, service it and bring it back. So, get your car serviced. It’s really not an option.