Who is Neil?

Neil Ford - car dealership

Hello there, my name is Neil Ford and I am glad you showed interest in knowing more about me and my blog.

With a little over 7 plus years of experience under my belt – the adventure in the auto industry started in the fall of ’12. I started off working on the dealer level as a single sales representative. Soon to develop a full BDC. From then there was no looking behind. I took care of most of the things ranging from marketing, IT, sales, etc. Hence I understand the nitty gritty of this industry.

Moving through the various tasks and roles has given me the opportunity to understand the business from all facets. I started this blog to help all the future auto and car buyers in Atlanta with Car dealerships and what you need to know when visiting a dealer vs independent auto shop. I write on various pros and cons of going through the car dealership with brand dealers and independent auto car owners.

I value my reader’s reviews and comments about my blog as it helps me improve and provide with more and more value to my readers everyday. So please feel free to contact me or comment on my blogs to share your review or opinion.

I look forward to contributing to the community!

Thank you 🙂